The Alcoholic’s Wine Glass



Giant Wine Glass, Pack of 2

Whether you prefer chardonnay or merlot, this is the wine glass you (and a friend) need.

You can savor the flavor all night long as this glass can hold up to a full bottle of your favorite fruit of the vine.

Pack of 2.”

Price: $19.99


Many of SkyMall’s brilliantly designed products fulfill a highly specific need or desire, but no item does this quite as well as the Giant Wine Glass. Here is a vessel specifically designed for the alcoholic in your life who’s cutting down to one glass a night.

But don’t let this niche lock you out. Whether you’re an on-the-go wino, a giant, or just somebody without the patience to refill their glass a whole four times the Giant Wine Glass is for you.

What astounds me most about this bucket-on-a-stick is not the fact that it holds a full bottle of wine, but the sheer amount of wrist strength you’d need to wield this monster.

Fortunately, SkyMall customers can pair this purchase with another classic gift, the Neoprene Wrist Brace, to curb the torn ligaments and carpal tunnel syndrome that are sure to follow.